“Faith is the bridge between where I am and the place where God is taking me. I walk by faith.”

~ Yvonne Simpson ~

Howdy! Thank you so very much for visiting my blog! My name is Brandi: Christ follower, writer, mixed media artist, amateur photographer, special needs teacher assistant, spoonie and advocate! 

The Story Behind This Blog 

This blog was created in 2010 as “And I Thought I Loved You Then”, a creative outlet to share my journey as an unwedded widow after my fiancé was killed in a car accident in March 2010 at the age of 25; just before our wedding day. This blog started out as a means to reach out to others who are grieving and to share my journey of grief, the good the bad and the ugly parts. My writing has always been authentic and honest

Throughout my journey I was never afraid to write about the nasty issues of grief that often get swept up under the rug and most of my readers were able to relate to what I wrote because of the transparency and honesty with which I wrote. In writing I found that what I wrote crossed boundaries of loss. I continuously found that people who have experienced any number of losses were relating to what I wrote. I soon found that I was connecting with more than just widowed people. I was also connecting with people who have lost a loved one and with those who have not experienced the loss of a loved one. As I documented the unique journey of being an unwedded widow, “And I Thought I Loved You Then” became a place of support, encouragement, expression, Hope, community, inspiration and companionship.


This blog was once a chronicle of my unique journey as an Unwedded Widow and is now a reflection of my desire to tell share with others my experiences with creating a new normal after experiencing multiple losses. In April 2012, this blog became “Journey to Living & Embracing Life” – Living, Loving & Embracing My New Normal. In the years since Greg died, I have found myself healing from the deep grief that I experienced after losing Greg and year three was a year of intense healing and growth in my life. When I started the third year of grief (2012) I “made the turn” in my own journey and experienced an “awakening” and the desire to want to live and to “create a new normal”. 

In 2013, this blog focused on:
Living & Embracing A “New Normal” :  Encouragement for Living a Full Life After Experiencing Trauma, Loss or Major Life Transition(s). I discuss topics pertaining to Faith/ Spirituality, Art/ Creativity, Grief/Loss, Healing/Growth, Positive Psychology & Creating A “New Normal” After Life Experiences…”.

Present Day

Now we are in 2017 and the blog has had facelift, new title heading name and is focusing on: 

“Encouragement & Support for living a full and joyful life after experiencing chronic illness, trauma, loss and/or major life transistions. Topics include: Faith/Spirituality, chronic illness, Art/Creativity, Grief/ Loss, Healing, Post traumatic growth/ Resiliency, Positive Psychology, Bible Journaling, Powersheets and creating a “New Normal” in the midst of life’s circumstances.” 


My hope is that by sharing experiences that it will give my readers Hope in their own life and in the struggles that they are experiencing. I hope that through my posts, readers are encouraged in their own lives, through both the struggles and in the joyful moments and that they too can find hope/inspiration/empowerment in the midst of their own circumstances, whatever the circumstances may be.

 I often write about how grief & the healing process affect creating my new normal and how creating my new normal affects how I grieve multiple losses and my healing journey. In sharing experiences from my own life, I also write on the topics of: Faith/ Spirituality, Art/ Creativity, Grief/Healing.

I frequently share experiences of how the Lord is faithful and loving in the midst of the struggles that I experience in life. I hope that this blog reflects faith in Christ and His grace. I take each experience as a chance for growth as an individual and also as an opportunity to deepen my faith in Christ. Christ is my rock, my salvation and my deliverer. (Psalm 18:2). I often discuss the topics of Christianity, faith, religion and spirituality.

My relationship with Christ and my faith is a huge part of my life and is something that I hope shines through both myself and each post that I write. As I would not have gotten through any of the experiences in my life, without my faith in Jesus. (Matthew 5:16).

I’m an old soul and I am a very creative and artistic individual. Creativity is innate in who I am as a person. I am an artist but I am also crafty as well. Throughout my life, creative arts has been very healing and therapeutic. Arts and crafts bring a lot of joy and happiness to my life. When I am creating art I feel connected to the process and I feel one with the pieces that I create. My areas of work as an artist are with mixed media, painting, abstract art and writing (For my writing portfolio click here). As a crafter my areas of work are in scrap booking, crocheting, needlework, paper mache, and floral design. Amateur photographer. I often write about creative based topics and healing that can be experienced through expressive arts.

I come into 2017 with a renewed spirit that continues to seek out our Lord, to trust Him and His faithfulness in providing for me and guiding me in this journey. I strive to live out the Fruits of the Spirit on a daily basis. (Galatians 5:22-23). I carry on Greg’s legacy and I know I am where the Lord needs me to be; He is not finished with me yet.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about the journey of this blog and I hope that you see God’s faithfulness, love and guidance as we Live, Embrace & “Create Our New Normal”. (Psalm 119:105).


Posts of Interest

About The Author 

When I am not blogging, creating art, writing, on social media, working on my memoir; I work as a teacher assisant to kids with Autism and other special needs. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I love to hear from my readers, please feel free to contact me by emailing me at fearfullywonderfullymadeninja [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter. I welcome your feedback, encouragement, and your stories!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am speechless…but I’ll try to articulate the words of some sort. First of all, isn’t God amazing?! The story, the life, the memories, Greg’s continuing ambience, all will never be renounced, but rather used as a omnipotent instrument for all the lives you and associated foundations/organizations will bring to know Jesus Christ. Amazing, Christ-loving people like Greg were designed, molded, forged into a Godly soldier, from the time God conceived his personality, as his role on Earth was going to be more than he’d ever expect. Even if we may not understand why, someday we will! And through your awe-inspiring relationship, through Greg, it’ll all be worth it because for one story, through one life, thousands, if not millions will be saved!! Thank you so much for sharing your story and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you and your future! God Bless and hope to hear more! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Our God is so amazing and I am in awe everyday by His faithfulness, grace, mercy and love. I am so thankful to know Christ. I do not know how others go through life not believing in Christ or having some belief system that they put their faith in.

      Greg was a one in a million guy, and it was my honor to be the woman God had created for him.

      Greg changed and influenced so many lives in his short time on this earth, through his kind and generous heart and how he loved others.

      I never thought I would lose him so soon, at such a young age but I wouldn’t trade our time together for anything. I always knew he would go first but never did I think it would be now.

      I look forward to the day when I will be reunited with Greg in Heaven. It gives me hope.

      When we are in the midst of grieving we do not think we can make it with out them, past the firsts and into the next years, etc. but I knew God had and still has a plan for me here on earth.

      I live each day to honor Christ and to fulfill the purpose he has for me. I strive to live by Christ’s example and to love others as Christ does.

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