#CultivatingWhatMatters– March Tending Goals 

Welcome to March and another month to #CultivateWhatMatters !! 
2017 is my first year to use the powersheets goal system developed by Lara Casey and her team! 

Read about my journey to finding Powersheets at my previous blogpost (#Cultivatingwhatmatters2017 – Powersheets Goal Planning)

As this is my first year using Powersheets my approach each month is to try, modify and edit for the next month. If something does not work I take it off my list. If the goal is important and something that I really want to learn to cultivate than I make the goal broader or more specific depending upon which is better suited for the particular goal.  

After going through a major life transistion at the end of December, my tending lists for Jan/Feb/March have basic-living needs (finding a job, finding a place to live, getting health insurance, finding bible study group, etc). 

Now that some of those basic needs have been met and there is foundation, my March tending sheet is a little bit more flexible in the spreading the wings department! 

Since I began using Powersheets in January, I have changed/ edited some of my daily and weekly goals. I have eliminated some but I honestly try not to do that. I try to examine why the goal has not worked. 

For example the weekly goal “creative art project” is broad because in January I started out too specific and I want to cultivate my creativity and felt my specific weekly goal was keeping me from doing that, as it was originally only tied to that specific outlet for my art. Now with this broader goal any type of art that I do counts! 

My water intake goal began at 32oz and when I consistently meet that goal, I up the oz so that I can gradually get back to drinking 80oz of water daily! 
Follow the series #CultivatingWhatMatters2017 as I blog about my journey to reaching my goals and cultivating what truly matters in my life. Monthly posts with Tending Sheets! 
Do you use Powersheets? 

Share your story in the comments below!!

@2017 Brandi R


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