#CultivatingWhatMatters2017– Powersheets Goal Planning

For most of my life I have been a planner. I am a recovering planner. I used to have OCD so badly when it came to planning and all the energy I spent color coding everything. It was exhausting. A few years ago, in 2010, I lost my beloved and my desire to be excessive in planning went out the window. Takes too much energy to be so OCD about it. 

In the years since I have now come to a happy balance when it comes to planning! And that has been so refreshing! 

2017 is a year of working on myself. I kkow that sounds selfish but as a people pleaser I tend to put everything else first and myself second (aside from my self care day). (Sidenote: working on that and will share more in a future post). 

My first exposure to Lara Caseys Powersheet system was through her “Goal Setting” blog series! And this could not have come at a better time for me! 

(you can read the blog series here –> Lara Casey Goal Setting Blog Series

At the end of December I had another huge transistion in my life (job loss, a messy breakup, moving to a new town, sleeping on a friends couch and no job). 

I really needed a change of pace and a fresh mindset. I really needed to dig deep and down to the core of what really matters to me, what I really want to cultivate in my life and focus on those things. 

In the past I have tried numerous goal and planning systems but something about Lara’s system really resonates with me. Maybe it is because she gives permission to have grace with myself in the process, Lara is a believer and while this system is not just for believers her love for Jesus and Christs love for us and His grace is shown throughout all that Lara does. 

In a difficult season in my life, I connected to that. 

After lots of digging deep and messiness here is a “neat” copy of the goals that I want to cultivate in 2017! 

One of the parts of the powersheets system that I love is through the process of developing goals, you also develop a “why” for the goal and an “action plan” with steps to reach those goals.

It is great to want to cultivate “Being Healthy From the Inside Out” as my health goal but how do I get there? Digging deep and coming up with a list of steps to reach that goal is helpful in staying on track to reaching my goal! 

Here is an example of my Action plan for my Health Goal of being “Healthy From The Inside Out” 

I have since added additional steps to my daily action plan (drinking 68oz of water, taking vitamins, effective REST) 

Each of these smaller steps leads to my bigger goal! 

Follow the series #CultivatingWhatMatters2017 as I blog about my journey to reaching my goals and cultivating what truly matters in my life. Monthly posts with Tending Sheets! 
Do you use Powersheets? 

Share your story in the comments below!!

@2017 Brandi R


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