Self Care – Balance, Grace and Lovingkindness

In the years since I first began sharing parts of my journey with y’all, I have developed several chronic health illnesses. They are my thorn. 

In the midst of all the ups and downs that is living with chronic illness, I put a lot of energy into leading as normal of a life as possible. Currently, I still attend church, bible study,  re:generation recovery group, work full time and help in childrens ministry twice a week. It is A LOT; and I know something is going to give soon. Possibly in the next week or so. I put a lot of energy into not letting my chronic illness define me and/or take over my life. I was there in 2015; and I try my hardest not to get back to that point. Having too much contributes to this as well. 

One part of learning to embrace this part of my “new normal” is BALANCE. Balance is key. We all struggle with balance and harmony in our lives even when we do not have chronic illnesses waging war within us. When I add or subtract something from my life there is always this period of learning what I am able to handle physically, mentally & emotionally. 

Another aspect of this journey that the Lord is showing me is GRACE. Lord am I willing to extend it to others and yet so inclined not to extend it to myself. I have such high standards for myself. Fueled by the desire to live my life. Yet, the Lord has been teaching me this past year about being patient with myself and extending myself LOVINGKINDNESS and grace. 

As I sit here (ok full disclosure: laying in bed) writing this, I am missing a bible journaling group that I have been so eager to attend but have yet to; in addition to my weekly recovery group that I was going to miss due to the bible journaling group. In 6 weeks, this is the first time that I have missed my recovery group. The work that I am doing is very important to me. There are days I have gone looking like The Walking Dead and did not want to miss. We can only miss so many and I wanted to save those for emergency type days. Like bedridden days. 

While bible journaling & recovery are both very important, so is REST. Letting the body just stop going and be still. In this learning to give myself grace and not beat myself up. Self care has always been important to me and through these thorns the Lord is showing me just how important self care truly is.

In what ways has the Lord taught you Self Care — Balance, Grace, and Lovingkindness in your life? 

What is your favorite self care tool? 
Answer these in the comments below! 

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